[REVIEW] Scandal in the Spotlight: Nagito Aoshima season 1 Sequel

SITS Nagito Aoshima S1 sequel

It’s been six months since the MC became Revance’s ghostwriter when Nagito gets an offer from the brand Valentine to model in their Paris Fashion Week collection! Revance sees this as a path to their international debut, and the band flies to Paris to prepare for their upcoming performance. However, they come across someone singing a mysterious song that connects Nagito to his birth parents. They decide to meet with the composer of the song and discover the circumstances of Nagito’s birth! Continue reading

[REVIEW] Scandal in the Spotlight: Nagito Aoshima season 1 Main Story

SITS Nagito Aoshima S1 main story

The MC finds herself struggling as Revance’s ghostwriter when she’s asked to write the words for Nagito’s fashion collaboration song. After lending her a sympathetic ear, Nagito offers to co-write the lyrics together since the collaboration is for his sister’s wedding. The MC starts to fall for Nagito as she learns more about him, even though she knows he can’t forget his first love. She thinks her love won’t be reciprocated, but after an unintended confession from her he asks her to be his girlfriend?! Continue reading