[REVIEW] First Love Diaries: Nao Fujimori season 2 Senior Year

FLD Nao Fujimori S2 senior year

After being together for a year, things are going well for both Nao and the MC. They’re both still head over heels in love with each other, and both already got accepted into their choice colleges. Despite the fact that they’ll start going to different schools after graudation, the MC is still optimistic about where their relationship will go, and does her best to support Nao’s dreams to continue playing basketball. However, things turn complicated when he’s offered to study abroad in America, causing her to question what distance actually means when it comes to a relationship. Continue reading

[REVIEW] First Love Diaries: Nao Fujimori season 1 Sequel


Nao and the MC’s six month anniversary is coming up, and after hearing the MC gush about her friend Saori’s anniversary date with her boyfriend, Nao feels a bit stressed about date ideas for their own anniversary. He wants to make it special and original since she’s his first girlfriend and it’s an important even for them as a couple. After seeing how much Nao is struggling over it, the MC suggests that they come up with an idea together as a couple, since its an anniversary for both of them.  Continue reading