[REVIEW] True Love Sweet Lies: Naomasa Sakura season 1 Sequel


The sudden disappearance of a member the Sakuragumi has the head worried, so he calls Naomasa and the MC to investigate the case. The MC wants to help Naomasa in the investigation, but concerned with her safety, he’s hesitant to let her go undercover with him. The MC reluctantly agrees to not go undercover, and finds herself another job covering a resort for a feature covering date spots for couples. However, she finds Naomasa working there?! Continue reading

[REVIEW] True Love Sweet Lies: Naomasa Sakura season 1 Main Story

TLSL Naomasa Sakura S1 main story

After choosing to live with Naomasa, the MC is shocked to find herself waking up next to him in bed, only to have him tell her that he’s not interested in her at all. Afterwards, she’s unsure of how to act around him; while at first glance he seems to quiet and mysterious, she starts to learn more about him as she spends more time with him trying to solve the case about a missing doctor. Her initial impressions of Naomasa change the more she learns about him, and she slowly starts to fall in love with the mysterious man.
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