[REVIEW] True Love Sweet Lies: Nozomu Fuse season 1 Sequel

TLSL Nozomu Fuse S1 sequel

Things are going well for the MC and Nozomu, when one day they get a surprise visit from his little sister! Misa dotes on her older brother, and disapproves of the MC’s presence at Fuse Investigations. The MC starts to feel as if she’s holding Nozomu back while she struggles with a human trafficking case and despairs over her lack of detective skills; however, things start to turn complicated when it turns out Misa’s stalker and the case turn out to be related. Continue reading

[REVIEW] True Love Sweet Lies: Nozomu Fuse season 1 Main Story

TLSL Nozomu Fuse S1 main story

After getting caught up in a case involving possible corruption in the government, the MC chooses to share a room with the easygoing leader of Fuse Investigations, Nozomu. Taken in by his kind words and gentle smile, she finds herself wanting to learn more about him, when suddenly she finds herself travelling to France to dig deeper into the case. In the streets of the city of love, the MC discovers that Nozomu is still bound to his past, and that there’s more to his smile than what meets the eye. Continue reading