[REVIEW] My Wedding and 7 Rings: Ren Shibasaki season 1 Sequel

MWA7R Ren Shibasaki S1 sequel

After realizing her love for Ren, the MC has been in complete bliss in her everyday life with him. However, melancholy sets in when the anniversary date of her parents’ deaths creeps up around the corner. While Ren comforts her with his quiet kindness, she’s still plagued by insecurity and nightmares of losing him like her parents. Despite her worries, the program continues on to the second stage with a new challenge: Ren has to overcome his speechlessness in front of others to prove his love for her?! Continue reading

[REVIEW] My Wedding and 7 Rings: Ren Shibasaki season 1 Main Story


The MC chooses her high school friend Ren as her suitor for the month, remembering the close relationship they shared in the past. However, memories of high school also bring back the secret crush she had on Yamato, the other person of their friendship trio. While her unrequited feelings for him grow once again, she finds herself once again confiding her thoughts to Ren. However, the situation changes when Ren professes his own love for her, saying that he can’t bear to see her with Yamato! Continue reading

[REVIEW] My Forged Wedding: Ren Shibasaki season 1 Main Story

MFW Ren Shibasaki S1

After coming to Tokyo looking for a new job, the MC is shocked to find herself being asked to act ask a stranger’s fiance! Sleepy and indifferent Ren doesn’t have a lot to say, but when he pleads with the MC to act as his fiancée for a short while, she can’t help but lend him a hand. She slowly starts to learn more about the mysterious Ren as she lives together with him, but as her feelings for him grow, their “engagement” spirals out of control when their presence is demanded at his home country?! Continue reading