[REVIEW] True Love Sweet Lies: Sakuya Nanahoshi season 1 Sequel

TLSL Sakuya Nanahoshi S1 sequel

After receiving a threatening phone call from an unknown number warning them about a bomb explosion, Sakuya and the MC are shocked when it comes true. More bombing incidents happen and Sakuya keeps receiving threatening phone calls from someone claiming to be behind them. The members of the team and the MC want to help him, but Sakuya refuses to get them involved, saying that the serial bomber is after him, so it’s his problem. Continue reading

[REVIEW] True Love Sweet Lies: Sakuya Nanahoshi season 1 Main Story


Sakuya may seem similar to his brother Kiyoharu because of his harsh words, but that’s the only similarity between them. The two are polar opposites, from his inability to hide what he feels to his dislike of women, but the shaky relationship between the two stays the same. After deciding that she’ll try to keep her distance from Sakuya, Nozomu sends the two to the Middle East for a case, and they start to get closer to each other after spending more time together. Continue reading