[REVIEW] Her Love in the Force: Seiji Goto MS2: Falling in Love


It’s been three months since the MC has started her life at the academy when Ishigami decides to assign her and Goto to a case where they’ll go undercover as bodyguards. The MC struggles with her feelings of love for Goto as she tries to maintain the superior-subordinate relationship between them, but finds it difficult to do so when Goto becomes more involved with the case and starts to let his past affect him. Continue reading

[REVIEW] Her Love in the Force: Seiji Goto MS1: Meeting Him


After she finds herself at an elite school for future PSD detectives, the MC is shocked to find out that she’s the top incoming student. She gets assigned as Goto’s full-time aide after she does a mission with him, and starts to learn more about him as she spends more time with him. However, as soon as their training starts, the difference in her abilities to the other students starts to show. Although others say that he’s indifferent, Goto encourages the MC when she becomes discouraged and loses confidence in herself. Continue reading

[REVIEW] My Sweet Bodyguard: Seiji Goto Proposal Sequel

MDB Seiji Goto proposal sequel

The MC is close to graduating from college, and receives a letter of recruitment from an acting troupe in London. Seiji tells her to go and act on her dreams, but while the MC is stuck deciding between standing on stage again and staying with Seiji, a series of robberies occur around her neighborhood that might be related to the incident with Kazuki. Seiji starts to act strange, and the MC starts to worry as he gets himself into situations that are less than ideal. Continue reading

[REVIEW] My Sweet Bodyguard: Seiji Goto Main Story

MSB Seiji Goto main story

After being caught up in a sticky situation at a nightclub, the MC is surprised when Seiji Goto, a PSD detective, comes to her rescue. After the incident, the MC and Seiji start to bump into each other more. The MC can’t help but worry over about Seiji, who’s driven by work, and over time her worry slowly turns into something else as the detective continues to stay on her mind. Continue reading