[REVIEW] Star-Crossed Myth: Leon season 1 Sequel

SCM Leon S1 sequel

With their love permitted by the heavens, Leon keeps up with his duties as a god to draw less criticism from those against their relationship. However, they break another law of the heavens, and the appearance of the goddess Leon defiled causes more problems. A curse placed on the MC causes her to forget Leon day by day; the more he cherishes her, the more she forgets, and slowly she struggles to remember her love for the god who was willing to throw away everything for her. Continue reading

[REVIEW] Star-Crossed Myth: Leon season 1 Main Story

SCM Leon S2 main story

After saved from her fall by Leon, the MC is surprised to find out that her wish to be saved was granted with certain conditions. Because the stars in her eyes signify she was a goddess in her past life, Leon demands that she pay him back by helping him get rid of the seal that suppresses his powers. Despite the fact that he’s a god that grants the wishes of humans, the MC is shocked to see that Leon rejects the idea of love, and finds herself betting on her freedom by whether or not she can teach him what love is. Continue reading