[REVIEW] Star-Crossed Myth: Teorus season 1 Sequel

SCM Teorus S1 sequel

Teorus and the MC have crossed the forbidden line between gods and human in their relationship, and while nothing happened at first, the MC starts to gain power from the stars in her eyes while Teorus struggles with controlling his own. Concerned with their fate, they go to the heavens to discover how to solve their predicament. They run into Teorus’s father there, and the already sour relationship between the two takes a turn for the worse when Thanassis tries to seduce the MC?! Continue reading

[REVIEW] Star-Crossed Myth: Teorus season 1 Main Story

SCM Teorus S1 main story

After being saved from her fall by Teorus, the princely ruler of Taurus, the MC finds herself at the presence of the gods, all of them demanding to have her remove their marks of sin. She finds herself spending more time with the childish god who saved her, and slowly grows closer to him while learning more about the kindness behind his smile. However, the naïve “perfect prince” of the heavens has a twisted view in love, and the MC starts to see a lonely side of him that he himself doesn’t seem to realize. Continue reading