[REVIEW] My Wedding and 7 Rings: Yamato Kougami season 1 Sequel

MWA7R Yamato Kougami S1 sequel

The MC couldn’t be happier after choosing her high school crush Yamato as her fiancé for the Program; the two are happily in love, and things are turning sweeter every day at home. However, things start to turn for the worse at work when Yamato’s sector loses an important client. Although he tells her not to worry about it, the MC can’t help but show concern when he works himself from dawn to dusk to fix his mistake and acts strangely, leading the MC to fear that his feelings for her might have changed. Continue reading

[REVIEW] My Wedding and 7 Rings: Yamato Kougami season 1 Main Story

MWA7R Yamato Kougami S1 main story

After choosing to go with her high school friend Yamato, the MC starts to remember the crush she had on him before their graduation. Although she thinks she’s left those feeling behind, they slowly resurface as the two live together. However, romance is the last thing in Yamato’s mind when he tells her that he’ll find a way to get her out of the contract she’s been chained to. While the MC struggles with her growing feelings for him, Yamato continues to call her family as he works to find an end to their situation. Continue reading

[REVIEW] My Forged Wedding: Yamato Kougami season 1 Sequel

MFW Yamato Kougami S1

It’s been almost a year since Yamato and the MC started living together, and things are getting busy for him since he’s been put in charge of the graduating class. The MC is has her hands full doing her best at trying to support him at both work and home, but the peace in their personal life is shattered when one of his students runs away from home. Watching the student’s situation as they help her out, the MC finds herself wondering about her current relationship with Yamato, and their future together. Continue reading

[REVIEW] My Forged Wedding: Yamato Kougami season 1 Main Story

MFW Yamato Kougami S1

Moving to Tokyo in search for a job, the MC is shocked to find herself coerced into a fake marriage instead! Her “husband” Yamato got hired at a certain all-girls high school, and to get the job he lied that he had a fiancée. To make his story believable, he and the MC start living together until the suspecting vice principle believes his lie. Although their relationship started out as fake, the MC and Yamato’s feelings for each other start to change as they spend more time together as husband and wife. Continue reading