[REVIEW] Enchanted in the Moonlight: Yukinojo season 1 Sequel

EITM Yukinojo sequel

It’s been a month since the MC and Yukinojo have been together, and things are going well for them when they’re suddenly summoned back to the mononoke village. After remembering the chilly welcome she got last time from the yukibito when she visited, the MC is worried about how she’s going to be received this time. However, both she and Yukinojo are surprised when she’s welcomed with open arms. Continue reading

[REVIEW] Enchanted in the Moonlight: Yukinojo season 1 Main Story

EITM Yukinojo main story

The MC chooses Yukinojo to protect her because he seems the nicest out of all the ayakashi, but quickly finds out how wrong she is. As his name suggests, he’s cold as snow, and sees his agreement with the MC as something that will only give him a child. As she spends more time with him, the MC starts to learn more about him and his past, and finds out why he’s so cold while his smile is so warm. Continue reading